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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have the answers! If you have any concerns not addressed here, feel free to contact us with your questions.

O'Brien Medicine does not bill insurance. However, your insurance plan may reimburse you for services provided through our office. We recommend you contact your carrier for instructions on how to file a claim.
You may pay with cash, a personal check, bitcoin, or a major credit/debit card. For your convenience our charges are listed on our website or available by calling our office. We make it as hassle free as possible.
Whether or not you choose to carry health insurance, we welcome you as a patient. In general we recommend that our patients carry health insurance so that financial help is in place should you require hospitalization or surgery.
Yes. Your insurance plan should cover prescriptions or other tests ordered by your O'Brien Medicine provider. These generally include lab analyses, medications, vaccinations, and screening and diagnostic imaging. Your insurance will handle these claims in a manner that is consistent with your individual policy.
We believe in price transparency, therefore, we post a list of our most common services and their prices on our website.
Because we don’t need to allocate valuable time and resources to prior authorizations, unnecessary data collection, complex billing procedures, electronic medical records and collections, we are able to focus our efforts on you. That means we can give you a level of service and convenience far above that offered elsewhere.
We are not owned by a hospital and are not affiliated with any specific network. This allows us to offer our patients more choices, including providing referrals to the highest quality specialists and/or facilities based on their needs. You can be confident that we will recommend only what we believe to be the best providers and facilities for your care. This is one of the great advantages individual practices have over network based or hospital owned practices.
At O'Brien Medicine, we provide primary health care. Should you require consultation or care beyond the scope of internal medicine, we will make the appropriate referral to a subspecialist.
No. O'Brien Medicine is focused on adult medical care for patients twelve and older.
We do not share your medical information with insurance companies or other third parties unless you specifically instruct us to do so or we are required to do so by law. This greatly reduces your risk of identity theft.
Give us a call today and schedule a visit! We are anxious to meet you and begin helping you improve and enhance your health and quality of life. We strive to make our patient provider relationships trusting, productive, and long lasting from the first time we meet.